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About Vertical Farming

​Our greens are grown indoors on special grow racks, in a climate-controlled environment. Natural sunlight is augmented with specialized full-spectrum grow lights.

  • 99% less water use to grow than traditional farming.

  • 0% water waste “runoff” into the environment.

  • 99% less CO2 emissions (no tractors, no trucking).

Sustainable Growing

The controlled growth environment in vertical farms negates the requirement of agro-chemicals, thus keeping the natural nutritious value of the food items intact.

  • All items are grown in organic coco-perlite (non-soil).

  • We grow using 100% H2O – pure filtered water.

  • No fertilizers, no pesticides, organic seeds, grown indoors in a climate-controlled grow room.

  • We use air-filtration to provide a pure grow environment.

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Sustainable Practices


Less water than conventional farming


Nutrient run-off


Less land than
conventional farming
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